SelfRecruiter® Live Streaming Lecture Series – ``The 2021 Hiring Season is here!``

“Resume Renovation” – Tues. 1/19/21 @ 5pm

“LinkedIn for Job Search & Career” – Thurs. 1/21/21 @ 12pm

“Interview Intervention in a Pandemic World” – Tues. 1/26/21 @ 5pm

“Super-charging Your Job Search” – Thurs. 1/28/21 @ 12pm



“The Pandemic Shift in Job Search:
Influencing The Decision-Maker with Direct Outreach”

Thursday, February 11th @ 12pm (pre-registration required)

The New York Public Library’s JOB SEARCH CENTRAL

Learn the most effective ways to use Direct Outreach in Your Job Search during & post-Pandemic


“We’re in it together!“ –yet we are more alone in overcoming our challenging career steps than we have ever been, heading toward an uncharted future.

We are in unprecedented times, facing challenges and obstacles seen in science fiction. Vaccines will change our future soon, but some things will be changed forever. Are you ready for the New Realities in your Career?


Yet, companies will still function and strive to survive –and you need to become an internal part of their survival strategies. You likely may need to adapt to utilizing your skill sets in new ways, discovering better ways to add more value to the organizations that you’ll work for once the economy restarts. Nothing can be taken for granted. Those in (the most) control will win the day, and those new employment opportunities. 


january, 2021

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Full-Service working directly with John Crant

Women in the Digital World

‘Live’ in London & Johannesburg, Online in the US

“Our Take” with Christina Brown – on Arise TV

Our Take with Christina Brown and guest host Kelly Smith Beaty welcome Patricia Scarborough and John Crant. Scarborough has begun using social media to search for employment. Crant is a career coach, speaker and author of the book ” Self Recruiter® Changing The Rules.” Crant works closely with women teaching them to navigate the digital world as they search for jobs. Scarborough and Crant discuss Patricia’s journey through digital world and the steps that everyone can take towards properly marketing themselves of social media networks.

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