A New Year means a FRESH start… with your Job Search efforts!


Welcome! A New Year means a FRESH start… with your Job Search efforts!

Now is the time to renew, refresh and re-energize your Job Search efforts. A year has come and gone. Not getting the results that you wanted in your Job Search in 2009? Then it’s time to change your ways. Step out of line and take control for yourself. Yes, it is scary. The realization that if you keep doing the same activities, that your results are not likely to change, may help motivate you to take the steps necessary to be seen as that stand-out in 2010.

So, let’s change course now, at the start of the year, and before long, your results will begin to change too.

It’s a fresh new year and a new beginning. It’s time to take back control and move forward in your career, and in your job search. While the challenges in the job market are still with us, by utilizing a new way of looking at our job search, we can open and chart a new path forward. Out with the old, stale methods of looking for a new job and in with the strategies that will help you uncover a new opportunity for your future.

Spending hours looking on the Internet for job postings? This is one of the first habits that must change. Rarely does this type of activity produce the results that we are expecting. Learn how to uncover the undiscovered opportunities through your research efforts and to position and present yourself to the real decision-makers.

Take the steps necessary and master becoming a Self-Recruiter, and put your career on a new track. That’s the surest way to become a Self-Recruiter® which is in control of their career and Job Search.

We’re ready for new challenges in 2010 at Self-Recruiter. In January, we have more scheduled events than in any prior month to date. It starts January 5th with a full slate of seminars each week at the West Side YMCA in New York City.

And, beginning on January 21st, The New York Public Library’s JOB SEARCH CENTRAL will be featuring the full Self-Recruiter Job Search Series on:

• Organizing and Managing Your Job Search,

• Resume Renovation,

• Building Your Professional Network with LinkedIn & How to Use it for Your Job Search, and

• Self-Recruiter® Interview Checklist: Preparing Before & Follow-up After Your Interview.

All in a four-week special event. Join us and invite your friends too.

This fresh new year will also see the launch of our New Website. Just weeks away from launch, our new Self-Recruiter site makes it even easier to get to the latest in job search and career advice, the self-help job search videos, the free downloadable guides and samples, and, coming soon: our new Online Video Job Search Class Series.

Your New Job Awaits-

2010 is here, so let’s get going!

John Crant

Author, Career Coach & Speaker

on Job Search and Career Management

© John Crant

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As seen and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, on FINS.com, on CareerBuilder’s CBsalary.com, on The Ladders, in The New York Post, The Huffington Post, in Essence magazine, in CRAIN’S New York Business, on Forbes.com, in amNY, and on CNN, BBC, FOX News, Arise TV – John shares the answers and the concrete steps for success in Job Search.

John is a Featured Speaker at The New York Public Library’s JOB SEARCH CENTRAL, as well as at the YMCA in New York City, and is a Social Media expert for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.

He speaks at Corporate Events, works with Workforce Development organizations, and teaches both students and alumni with this Self-Recruiter® Series for Colleges and Universities.

My Book:
Changing the Rules: How to Be Your Own Recruiter &
Ride the Economic Crisis to Your Next Career Challenge.
© 2009 John Crant

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