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Next Boot Camp INTENSIVE begins Monday, April 2nd, 2018

6-Session Online VIDEO BOOT CAMP: $199

Why This Course Is For You

It’s not enough to be your very best, others have to perceive you that way also.

• Learn how to create Your Personal Brand, and then use Social Media to get the word out to your network –and beyond.

• Discover what makes You unique in your profession and learn how to Showcase your best talents to potential employers.

• Define your Target Job Market(s) and learn how to Adapt get the positions you desire.

• Improve your Soft Skills and develop better Face-to-Face Connections with those you meet.

• Develop & Refine your Resume, Cover Letters, and your online ‘presence of credibility: LinkedIn.

• Learn it all in Step-by-Step weekly Online VIDEO Conference Sessions, ‘live’ and directly with John Crant. Program participants will learn firsthand the secrets to getting themselves ready to compete, staying motivated, overcoming setbacks, and keeping their job search ‘engine’ moving.

Hands-on workshops, using ‘GoToWebinar’ Video Technology means that you can see and hear John clearly as he guides you step-by-step in the ‘best practices’ of true job search.

• Learning is reinforced into ‘mental muscle memory’ through each week’s homework assignments, uploaded and shared through Basecamp Collaborative Platform. Get direct comments and recommendations from fellow Boot Camp participants and from John on your assignments, annotated directly within the Basecamp Platform to keep you growing and moving forward.

Can’t make a session’s Webinar at its schedule time? Sometimes life gets in the way, but you won’t miss out, as each session is recorded and can be watched, or watched again (with your unique-to-you login credentials) for this immersive program.

What You’ll Learn

Session-by-session, participants will grow as they focus on different elements that will help improve the efforts they invest into their individual job searches.

During this 2-week INTENSIVE, the Boot Camp Program includes:

• Six (6) 60-minute LIVE Webinars, led by John Crant using ‘GoToWebinar’ (desktop or laptop) – Works on PC / Mac

Homework Assignments at the conclusion of each Webinar, to help put that session’s lessens into deeper focus –and practice.

• Utilizing Basecamp Collaborative Platform, you ’turn in’ your homework by uploading to Basecamp.

• It’s a Boot Camp: participants work together, and may choose to share their assignments with each other and direct critiques, guidances and recommendations for each other in written comments within the ‘Basecamp’ Collaboration System –and that helps to keep you moving forward with momentum, together.

• Participants are also encouraged send in ‘Ask, Self-Recruiter®’ questions (utilizing Basecamp) before each Webinar, with the best questions included in that session’s topic presentation.

The Webinars, ‘Live’ in Your Home, Office or Wherever You Are

All Webinars can be attended / Viewed ‘Live’, or attended / replayed as convenient to you during the Bootcamp.

  • Session 1 | Monday, April 2nd, 6pm

    The Personal Brand: Making the Connection between You, Your Resume & Cover Letter

  • Session 2 | Wednesday, April 4th, 6pm

    The Master Plan for Success: Structuring & Building Your Job Search Plan-of-Action

  • Session 3 | Friday, April 6th, 6pm

    Extending Your Brand across the Digital World: LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram too

  • Session 4 | Monday, April 9th, 6pm

    Start Your (Scripted) Engagement Engines: A Call, an Email & Building a ‘Campaign’ – for the Hiring Manager!

  • Session 5 | Wednesday, April 11th , 6pm

    Interview Presenation Genius: “Teaching Them How to Select You” –as the Very Best Candidate

  • Session 6 | Friday April 13th, 6pm

    Networking in the Real World: Creating ‘Evangelical Ambassadors’ –A Campaign that will Sell You to Others

Participant Space is Limited.

6-Session Online VIDEO BOOT CAMP: $199

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