How to focus your Job Hunting energy and FOLLOW UP!



I have so much going on in my job search activities… I feel like I have little energy and motivation left for follow up on my activities and fear that I’m not being effective. Help!

-signed, Lost in the Minutia

I speak with many individuals that are in the same boat as you are in, as part of the series that I teach on Job Search & making the changes necessary on your Resume in order to get truly noticed. Let’s face the reality: there are many more people ‘on the market’ right now than there are jobs available. That’s a difficult reality to accept, so I say, ‘don’t accept it’ –and choose to get out of line and do something different. You may be a great candidate, with a great background, but if you go unnoticed, how will you get that offer for your next career challenge, rather than the next person in line?

I teach a class titled Organizing & Managing Your Job Search. In it, I share a complete system to track and manage your job search efforts, including your follow-up activities, to be sure that nothing ‘falls by the weigh-side’. It does take real effort to discover the potential positions for which we wish to be considered. It takes even more effort to get ourselves ‘noticed’ –so that we can really be in contention for those roles that we are going after. And that takes meticulous follow-up along with a plan to ‘market yourself’ for that opportunity –not simply clicking-and-sending to an HR ad on the Internet.

Your follow-up activities and the steps that you take once you have applied for a position can help shine a light on you as the best choice for the role. Or that light can focus in on someone else because of the steps that they take and their focus on follow-up efforts.

On my website, go to the Downloads page and you can download a complete system to help you manager, track and follow-up on each step of your job search. It’s free. The organization and management that the system will bring to your job hunting activities will help you to stay motivated and focused so that you are less likely to go unnoticed for that choice role you may be after. That is the surest way to increase your odds of success in your search for your next great career challenge.

I hope you don’t forget to follow-up on this…

John Crant

Author, Career Coach & Speaker

on Job Search and Career Management

© John Crant

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