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Once you have decided to look for a New Job (or if it’s been decided for you), you need to Make Your Resume Work for You. It’s job is to get you the interview by creating interest and desire for your skill set and accomplishments.

Be sure to do the self-assessments recommended, as a new Self-Recruiter®, when preparing your resume and other promotional materials in order to improve your odds of getting seen over the other candidates that you are competing against.

Managing Your Job Search is easier than you think, if you set proper goals and utilize a system to make your activities more effective. Assuming that you have completed your Reality Check(s) (*pages 9 & 10), Resume Renovation (*pages 21-29) and prepared your Best 25 Seconds (*page 46), you are likely ready to begin the process of networking, control and outreach that is part of an effective Job Search Plan.

Remember, success in life, and while searching for your next career opportunity, can come from unlikely places. From someone you meet at an event, while networking, from individuals that you may meet through your industry’s associations and groups. Friends and family are an important part of your network as well. Each person that you interact with may have small, valuable pieces of information that you can discover and act upon, and you can discover those pieces of value from just a simple conversation. So be sure to be engaging and talking with people, not just sending emails and web ‘submissions’.

Start improving your Resume today!

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