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As an industry manager, executive recruiter, sales and recruiting trainer, event speaker, and as VP of a nationwide system of recruitment offices, I have seen most every aspect of the hiring process from both the internal and external view as the decision-maker, the decision-influencer, and as the objective observer. This varied insight is what provides the clarity that I will bring to your Resume, your LinkedIn Profile & to our Coaching Sessions.

Coaching is in one-on-one sessions directly with John Crant
Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile will be completed by me personally.

Your initial Resume Renovation is usually completed within 5 to 7 business days from the time of placing your complete order (3 steps below), then follow by your LinkedIn Profile Renovation (usually completed within 5 to 7 business days from the time of completing your Resume):

1. Complete the purchase check-out process for your Renovation.

2. Email your current resume version(s) to -Be sure to include your upcoming schedule availability for our phone consultation call, where we will discuss your career goals and your full background before beginning to renovate your Resume & LinkedIn Profile.

3. The initial phone consultation has been completed.

I will contact you by the next business day to schedule your initial phone consultation, where we will discuss your career goals, and review the goals for your Renovations.

John Crant

John Crant
Resume Renovation

Full-service Resume Renovation is for individuals that are looking to improve the effectiveness of their resume. It’s not about simply ‘writing’ your resume, after all, you already have a resume. It’s about knowing what information that you have written is of value to the reader, be it an HR professional or a hiring manager, and which information is not. Understanding how to properly frame your experience and accomplishments – to properly take credit and never to misrepresent – involves a deep understanding of the hiring process actually works.

Your Resume Renovation will be completed by me personally.

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LinkedIn Renovation

Full-service LinkedIn Professional Profile Creation / Renovation is for individuals that understand that they have to compete, and that LinkedIn gives them the platform to do so. Get your new professional profile, or improve the effectiveness of your current one.

Most individuals do not understand the opportunity and advantages that a rich, professional profile on LinkedIn can present to them, whether that’s for their business or for their careers.

But I already have a LinkedIn Profile. Congratulations! You’ve taken an important first step by adding yourself to LinkedIn. Now take the next step and raise your profile’s effectiveness through my LinkedIn Professional Profile Renovation.

Your LinkedIn Profile Renovation will be completed by me personally.

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Career Coaching

In All Coaching and Mentoring Sessions you will be working directly with John Crant, focused on your areas of interest / topics of choice.

Career Coaching & Mentoring is simply having private and confidential access to an industry professional that will listen and advise you –helping to guide you toward an understanding of the many factors that you should be considering in the course of managing your career or when looking for that next career challenge.

Every TOP Performer uses a Coach to be their Very Best! You should too!

Your Personal Coach and Advisor: John Crant

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