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Individual Sessions

These sessions are for when you need to discuss one situation, issue or challenge that you face and would prefer to do so in a single phone conference session, rather than as part of a coaching and mentoring package.

Use these sessions for help on any topic, such as:
• Preparing for an Annual Review
• Interview Preparation Coaching
• Evaluating a Career Opportunity
• Strategizing to Overcome a Particular Challenge

90 minute, private one-on-one phone conference session: $275

Coaching & Mentoring Program

Monthly Career Management Coaching Sessions are typically scheduled as two (2) phone conference sessions per month and most frequently used to handle ongoing career management goals and the perception of you that you are building within your company.

5 Session Coaching Package

Prefer more Flexibility than a Structured Monthly Program?

Schedule Your Sessions As-Needed: Includes Five (5) 60-minute, private one-on-one phone conference sessions. Schedule your sessions when convenient (Your available time-balance never ‘expires’).

Includes limited email support: $895

In All Coaching and Mentoring Sessions you will be working directly with John Crant, focused on your areas of interest / topics of choice.

As an industry manager, executive recruiter, sales and recruiting trainer, event speaker, and as VP of a nationwide system of recruitment offices, I have seen most every aspect of the hiring process from both the internal and external view as the decision-maker, the decision-influencer, and as the objective observer –and I’ve counseled thousands of individuals navigating their careers over the last eleven years. This varied insight is what provides the clarity that I will bring to your coaching sessions.

1. Complete the purchase check-out process for your Coaching Package.

2. Email your current resume version(s) to – Be sure to include your upcoming schedule availability for our initial phone consultation call, where we will discuss your career goals before our full coaching sessions.

I will contact you by the next business day to schedule your initial phone consultation, where we will discuss your career goals before starting your career coaching sessions.


John Crant

Q: What is it and why should I be considering it?
Career Coaching & Mentoring is simply having private and confidential access to an industry professional that will listen and advise you –helping to guide you toward an understanding of the many factors that you should be considering in the course of managing your career or when looking for that next career challenge.

Every TOP Performer uses a Coach to be their Very Best!

You should too!

Your Personal Coach and Advisor: John Crant

As an industry manager, executive recruiter, recruiting and sales trainer, event speaker, and as VP of a nationwide system of recruitment offices, I have seen most every aspect of the hiring process from both the internal and external view as the decision-maker, the decision-influencer, and as the objective observer. This varied insight is what provides the clarity you will find when we work together, whether that’s to address career challenges that you may face or to help navigate the steps necessary to reach the next level of recognition.

Over the last 11 years I have coached and mentored many individuals in many different industries, each at various stages in their careers. Whether you are trying to navigate an unscheduled change in your career, looking to achieve the next level within your company or industry, or changing careers altogether, you should be working with a trusted advisor. Having a coach that has consulted and advised thousands of individuals, each with their own unique and individual challenges, gives you access to an advisor with true insights at every level.

Each individual has their own unique needs and may use the coaching in different ways to achieve the results that they are looking for in their career.

At the office, at your home, or where ever it is best for you to focus. Our meetings are in tele-conference format and are available to fit your schedule, day or evening.

Years as an executive recruiter working a national market with candidates and managers across the country, along with expertise as a sales and recruiting trainer conducting daily conference call training sessions, ensures that you are working with an effective professional who understands how to listen to both what is said, and what is not said. As a recruiter and recruiting trainer, you benefit from working with an individual that has listened to, and diagnosed, countless varied situations and knows how to help individuals understand what they need to consider for the decisions that they will need to make.

Initial Consultation
Schedule your personal phone consultation today so that we can discuss what you would like to achieve with your career coaching and mentoring package. This first meeting is a 30 minute consultation, and of course, it’s without charge. Just email me to schedule and get started today toward achieving your goals.

Coaching Line for our Sessions: 212.372.9878
Still have questions? Email me at

"Career Branding" Packages, Toggle below for Package Options:

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Managing their Career

No need to wait until you have experienced a layoff or for the time when you are looking for your next career challenge. Managing your career means just that: You need to manage it, just like any other important initiative in order to achieve success. Many individuals use mentoring and coaching on a continual monthly basis to help manage and maintain their career progression. Getting that next level position within your current company takes a consistent ‘campaign’ from an individual to be sure that their value and contributions are are being regularly recognized –not lost among the day to day distractions. Knowing how to ‘take proper credit’ for the work that you are doing and the accomplishments that you are achieving –and doing so on a continual basis, will help you build a portfolio of accomplishments to be considered when going after that next promotion. That helps top performers get in line –in advance. When that next big promotion opportunity presents itself, will you have laid the necessary groundwork to be recognized as a standout?

Annual Review preparation

In today’s corporate culture, the annual review has become an important opportunity missed by many. This is not simply a time for your boss to comment and rate you, it’s an opportunity for you to revisit your portfolio of accomplishments and contributions and to help set the expectations for your career progression. How well you present and take credit for those achievements has a direct effect on your salary increase and your consideration for future promotions. An advisor that has helped many individuals maximize their value in their employer’s minds is key to being seen as a top performer. And that is key to becoming a top performer. Don’t just throw the dice, be prepared and have an effective strategy to achieve what you desire from your annual review process.

Career Transitions

Some individuals choose to make a career transition and sometimes that decision is made for them by events out of their control. In either case, having someone who has the experience of counseling thousands of individuals over their career as an advisor gives you access to a specialist that has seen and advised on most every situation that individuals may face. After a layoff, taking that first step back toward control can be a very difficult one. Having a coach will help you recover your confidence faster and get you ready to take on, and win, your next career position that you may be pursuing. Many times the decisions we face at a time of career change include whether or not to relocate, making it even more important that you chose an advisor that has helped a number of individuals with all that they should consider when thinking about relocation. If you are in transition or about to be, you can make your choices with greater confidence with experience by your side at every step of the way.

Evaluating Potential Employers

Choosing the best employer for your next career move can often be a difficult choice. Many times recruiters or companies themselves do a very effective job at ‘selling’, or overselling an opportunity to a candidate for a position. It’s not uncommon for an individual to join a company and within a relatively short amount of time realize that it was not what they had expected, nor was it what they had signed up for when they had accepted the offer. There are many ways to research and vet an opportunity to decrease the likelihood that this will happen to you. Working with an objective advisor, without a vested interest in the company, can give you the confidence to look with clearer vision at what the company and opportunity may represent for your career, should you choose to join them.

Interview Intensives

The interview stage is where individuals take the most risk with their careers, unknowingly. Had 2, 5 or 10 jobs in your career? When you add up all of the time that you may have spent ‘preparing’ for interviews over your work-life, it’s really very little time when compared to your real area of expertise: being great at whatever your actual role might be. Many times there are years between these events as well, making it even more difficult to be ready to go it alone. When you are interviewing, whether that’s your 2nd or 3rd phone interview, or your 4th or 5th face-to-face meeting, what will you be doing to effectively compete and out- maneuver the other top 6 – 8 individuals that have their sights on the position? How you will fair in the competition on your own, as compared to the individual with a top coach advising and strategizing with them at every stage of their interview process?

Preparing for the Offer

Part of preparing properly for the interview process itself, preparing the for the offer starts before the first interview even begins –and long before they have decided on you. Knowing how to successfully navigate and avoid the pitfalls along the way is essential to achieving the best possible offer. There are many varied parts of compensation to be considered and many areas where individuals often take less than they need to when accepting an offer. Once they have chosen you as their next ‘best’ new employee, and extended an offer to you, will you have done the work necessary to be able to maximize the momentum of your interview process and accept the offer on the spot? And what if the offer comes out at a level that is less than expected, will you be prepared in advance with your strategy to help them refocus and see your value in a more correct light? Working with someone that has a deep understanding of negotiating and the offer process, from all sides, gives you the advantage that others will not likely have, which increases your potential in reaching your financial goals.

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