Why Haven’t They Called Me!? I’m Perfect!



My interviews (3 levels of them) for the position that I’ve been pursuing were done just over a month ago! Why haven’t they made me an offer? I’m perfect for the role-

– Signed,

Anxious in Waiting

One of the hardest times for a candidate for a position can be the time period after their interviews have been completed (seemingly). Many things can be holding up their decision process, and their choice of you as their ‘new, best employee’.

As you had mentioned in the detail of your email to me, you had been told that, in fact, you were the first candidate to be interviewed and they warned up front that it could take a while for the process to come to completion. That plead for patience is of little consolation when we’re the one that finds ourself waiting endlessly.

Trust and have faith in yourself. From the steps that you had outlined, it seems you did put your best foot forward, including sending in a creative proposal for them to consider after your interview process. Even though you may be the best, and the right one, a company has to also complete its process to be sure that they are hiring the right person for their team at this troubled time.

It may help to understand how long a traditional hiring process typically takes. In a normal market (which, of course, this is not), it takes somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks for a hiring process to run its course. It can be a little longer or a little shorter, but that is the average time. Of course, that’s if the position and budgeting has been approved, the decision to truly add to the staff has been made, and they are ‘ready’ to start the process. Just posting the ad for the position on web does not mean that they are ‘ready’, just getting prepared.

If you were the first interviewee to begin their three-level process, and that only began in the 3rd week of January, well it seems as if things are moving right on schedule, at least for them. The decision will likely be forthcoming in the next week or two, based on a typical time frame. Remember that these are not typical times and anything can happen, so be sure to be working your network and keeping your ears open in case additional opportunities arise to convey your value to them.

Also be sure that you have done the work outlined in the Self-Recruiter® book to prepare for the time of offer, rather than just waiting for news.

Be ready and stay in control, with preparation.

John Crant


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